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There is still a continuation of the historical cruel subordination of the culture and language of the Raizal People to a dominant language and culture in the schools of the Archipelago. I am personally convinced that this is a type of mental and physical colonization, which urge for a responsible reparations.

The acts of the Colombian State upon the Raizal People, to forced education in Spanish while prohibiting the use of Creole in the classrooms, and for which they hired teachers brought from Colombia mainland, are extremely delaying too long to have reparations, while a colonized society in the islands even with the money that is needed to make the changes, are not accomplishing much (not to say nothing).


It is more than urgent and necessary to truly materialize the fundamental right to education (culturally suitable) for the Raizal People.

In part, due to the overpopulation of the Raizal Territory, for the last decades, as in all possible physical space in the Archipelago, the Raizal are passing from being majority in the schools, to be a minority; and in everything, the system continues to change to suite others, except the children of the soil. And if it continues to be no public policy, rules, and laws to safeguard the rights of the Raizal children to have a contextualize education in their language and that are culturally suitable, then the erroneous excuse used in the schools to give priority and more privileges to the other students that are doesn’t understand the Raizal language, will continue to be more and more “wrongly” justified.


Defender's report

The Raizal children merits to have schools for them, build, designed, structured and conducted purposely for them, at least in their own territory. The current situation is a shameful displacement of an indigenous/tribal  people, in all aspects of their life: economy, education, housing, culture, etc.

From what we knew where happening in the schools in the Archipelago since 1927, when Raizal students was constantly harassed by the educators because of speaking their mother language (Creole and/or English), today,  after nearly 100 years since the initiation of the colonization of the education in the Raizal Territory, we are finding increasing cases of Raizal students that are being bulled, mocked, ridiculed, intimidated and humiliated by non-Raizal students that became majority in the classrooms; the educators, in a direct or indirect way, are constantly “sending a message” to the non-Raizal students that make they feel that they are the priority and the privileged ones, when their languages (Spanish) and culture are the chosen ones to be imposed over those of the Raizal children; that  same “message” reached to the Raizal students, who feel that their things (“language”, etc.) are less important, or absolutely not important.



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