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Jairo Rodriguez Davis, human rights activist, demanded the Colombian institutionality in the Archipelago of San Andres, Old Providence and Santa Catalina, calling for

an amount of schools that should be exclusively or prioritarily for Raizal students, which should start to purposely design and implement a curriculum to meet their rights to education in their own language (Creole / English).

The relation between the right to education and the fundamental right for cultural identity.

The Raizal People as an  ethnic people, living on their own ancestral Territory, need a cultural adaptation of the teaching imparted to their children at school. It is necessary and mandatory to guarantee that their education at school be culturally suitable.  There is an evident intimate relation between the fundamental right to education and the fundamental right for the cultural identity of the ethnic peoples


Ethnic Education culturally suitable

The Raizal children at school continue to be victims of a process of colonization that started over one hundred years ago; even if actually it comes to be no direct action of colonization done by the central government, it still happen that by inertia, you can continue to find dozens of teachers and directives in public and private schools in the Archipelago that continue to remain in a type of comfort zone (for some), or in a type of prison (for others), that teach the Raizal students fully or mostly in Spanish, with contents and in an environment that are not culturally suitable for them; usually out of context. We all belongs to generations of colonized Raizal men and women, that even having a university preparation, we obediently and by inertia continue the colonized practices in which unconsciously or involuntarily we was trained

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